Knowledge Partners

With the adoption of modern technological practices in the Agriculture sector, such as the usage of Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), the traditional agricultural practices have been revolutionized the way we prepare and respond on disasters that affect the livelihoods of vulnerable farmers who contribute towards the country's food security.

We use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) / Drones equipped with Near Infrared (NIR) sensors, Multi-Spectral Cameras to collect the below aspects and empower the Agriculture sector with a smart farming solution.


  • High quality data,
  • Generate high-resolution geo-referenced reflectance maps
  • Elevation contours
  • DSM and Vegetation Index (NDVI / NDRE / SAVI)

High Quality Data Usage:-

  • Plant Health Monitoring
  • Spraying
  • Plant Counting
  • Scheduling of Seeding (or) Harvesting
  • Classification of Management Zones based on Plant Health

Agricultural Drone Data Helps In:

  • Saving Time Crop Scouting
  • Reducing usage of scarce resources
  • Recording data for future analysis
  • Increasing yields by optimum usage of resources effectively

Agrifortis supports SourceTrace with downscaled weather data and seasonal indices to execute crop modelling tasks, contributing to SourceTrace’s AI/ML – based data analytics. The company designs field experiments and ex-post analysis with a focus on site-specific crop variety progress and yield formation.

Agrifortis, Germany was founded in 2012 by Dr. Thomas Selige as an ICT oriented agriculture consulting company with the vision to enable the digital future of decision making for the farmers communities. The company offers consultancy to farm enterprises worldwide on specific aspects of sustainable crop management and on the adoption of Smart Farming Systems. Agrifortis is developing services to make sustainable and precision farming the new paradigm in both smallholder and large farm management.

Geocledian, founded in 2013 is designing and providing geospatial cloud services for agriculture, having expertise in all fields of remote sensing like optical and microwave, active & passive remote sensing, vegetation modelling, time series analysis & big data techniques.

Geocledian helps its customers to effectively incorporate services focused on remote sensing into their operational workflows and ICT systems.


Geocledian’s ag|knowledge is a multi-sensor crop scouting API for mobile and web applications based on open satellite data from Copernicus and other sources. It allows monitoring of crop status, crop health and farmer activities, providing users 50 or more status updates a year. It offers a wide range of data products and integrated crop analytics ranging from spectral data, various vegetation indices to biophysical crop parameters, crop phenology and anomalies detection supported by machine learning.