About Sathguru Software

Sathguru Software has been developing enterprise products for seed and agri-businesses and owns several vertical enterprise resource planning (ERP) products. With end-to-end interventions right from farm mechanization until processing, Sathguru’s ERP products are comprehensive to cover entire gamut of operations. Sathguru also excels in remote sensing of agriculture and precision agriculture, including collection of data remotely through use of in-suite soil sensors of its own. Sathguru has also delivered several mAgri solutions and has integrated contextual mobile solutions in its vertical ERP products with ultimate aim of providing digital transformation in the full agri value chain of farm to fork. Sathguru’s integrated precision agriculture interventions with combination of satellite imagery, weather forecasting models with in-suite sensors for ground checks provides holistic solutions and agri and farm enterprises. Sathguru’s remote crop management techniques integrated in its enterprise solutions are proven, and has been in operations over a decade at multi-continents.