Intelligent Crop Monitoring With Smart
Remote Sensing and UAV For
Sustainable Agriculture & Farming


Agriculture is one of the human societies’ most crucial activity, enabling basic requirements for human livelihood, survival and development. A recent study done by FAO authorities has found that there’s an estimated increase in the world population to 9.20 billion by 2050, needing an increase in the current food production by about 60%.

Modern agriculture needs to adopt high-intensity cultivation, effective use of water and high yielding varieties to achieve increased production with quality. The role of Agriculture must be fulfilled within a context of environmentally sustainable and climatic change adaptable, combined with enhanced demand for food production due to unprecedented and ever-expanding human population. To overcome some of above challenges Remote Sensing (RS) techniques are applied in the field of Agriculture.

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A large range of Features.

Crop Identification

Crop Acreage Estimation

Crop Production Forecasting

Crop Damage & Crop Progress Assessment

Horticulture Analysis


Crop Condition Assessment & Stress Detection

Planting & Harvesting Dates Identification

Crop Yield Modelling & Estimation

Pest & Disease Infestation Identification

Soil Moisture Estimation

Irrigation Monitoring & Management

Soil Mapping

Drought Monitoring

Land Cover & Degradation Mapping

Problematic Soil Identification

Crop Nutrient Deficiency Detection

Water Content Determination

Crop Yield Forecasting

Flood Mapping & Monitoring

Past & Current Weather Data Collection

Crop Intensification

Water Resource Mapping

Precision Farming

Climatic Change Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Soil Management

Air Moisture Estimation

Crop Health Analysis

Land Mapping

Weather Advisory


    • What countries do you support for RemoteCrop Services?

      Our satellite and weather data covers the continents of Asia and Africa for the present with expansions to other continents soon.

    • What makes RemoteCrop Remote Sensing Services different from other service providers?

      For the past 35 successive years, Sathguru has been a leader in the transformation of agribusinesses with creative solutions through technology and management interventions. With international consulting and development experience in agriculture, Sathguru is regarded as one of the premier global Agri-consulting enterprises with expertise in Remote Sensing based Crop monitoring.

    • How much does RemoteCrop Remote Sensing Services cost?

      Based on Area of Coverage, Terrain, and Frequency, our Solution Consultant will be happy to provide an offer quickly after understanding your requirements.

    • What types of crops do you cover?

      We are open to covering most crops in agriculture.

    • Why use aerial imagery?

      Aerial imagery, either through Drones or Satellite Images, helps in scientific reasoning of Crop Health and related aspects. Further, with a combination of Weather Forecast and Advisory can also help to provide Soil Health parameters for better Crop monitoring.

    • Weather Advisory

      Since a large part of Agriculture is based on Rainfalls, Weather plays a crucial role in advising on irrigating the Crops, at the right time in the right quantities. Our Satellite-based weather advisory provides necessary inputs and advisory on the timing of irrigation and helps in conserving natural resources.